Sunday, 9 October 2011

Hey, Im new.........

Hi guys and girls, I'm new to blogger and have just started making Jewellery.                 

  These are the piece's I've made......

Please be honest with your comments as its the only way i will be able to learn.  I now have a slight bead addiction thanks to my cousin Kimmy Sayers ( love you and your lovely jewellery you make & thank you for trying to teach me). 
Hope to get some more bits made up soon.

Take care xxx


  1. Welcome my bead addicted partner in crime!!!

  2. Love how you used the chain! Welcome to blogging and the bead obsession

  3. Welcome to beading, Amanda. I have only started beading myself but am having a blast. You are so lucky to have someone that already knows beading to help you!

    Bead Soup Mix